Reaction Jacket

DIY indie rockers from nowhere MT, Reaction Jacket, are telling their own ghost stories in the form of songs. Their first two vastly different single releases, “Take Care,” and “Sunbleached” come after spending the better part of a decade performing and writing together, honing their skills and their (mostly) pop-punk sound. The two songs were written by brother and sister team Jake Mittelstaed and Suzy Drivdahl, respectively, and are a good indication of wonderfully genre-bending things to come.

While the band built a devoted following in eastern MT and the Dakotas playing cover/bar gigs and festivals through the 2010’s, in recent years RJ has shifted focus and been spending most of their time in their home studio writing and recording original music. Their songs are filled with catchy hooks and relatable lyrics that will have you singing along in no time.

RJ is made up of frontwoman and bassist Suzy Drivdahl, guitarist and vocalist Jacob Mittelstaed, lead guitarist Ross Drivdahl, and drummer Jacob Dietz. Partnered with their long time friend, sound engineer, and producer Jacob Damm, there are simply too many Jakes involved in this project.

Upcoming Events

Bakken Battle of the Bands

Sidney Montana

Sept 30th


With catchy guitar riffs, head-banging drums, and super-singable vocals and harmonies, Reaction Jacket is putting their own spin on the newly revived pop-punk and emo scene.

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