Post-Show Woes

A week ago, Ross and I played a short notice gig in Velva ND (like, 8 hours short notice!) We hauled up there, met our good friend John (aka SirFrancisFarted. Look him up.) and pulled off a crazy, stressful, and super fun gig. We met and hung out with the amazing owner of the Lariat Club, and shared stories with the lovely bartender (who’s family happens to be from our neck of the woods!) It was well worth the trip!

(Photo courtesy of SirFrancis himself. “Isn’t it already slippery enough already!?)
Where the “woes” come in…

This summer, a vent was left open in our equipment trailer, the day before a rainstorm. We found it about a week later. Luckily, everything looked fine. Cardboard boxes intact, the packing blankets covering the speakers and subs bone dry. I thought, “man, did we get lucky, take the damn crank off that vent now.” (We did)
We weren’t quite so lucky.
We had learned months ago that one of our main outs on our Yamaha board wasn’t working. Not great, but not the end of the world. Setting up Friday, the monitor outs weren’t working, either. Run the auxiliary out, we’ll deal with it later.

Midway through the first set Saturday, and everything is crackling. Wasn’t doing that Friday, or even Saturday afternoon. Did we blow a speaker? No. It’s the vocals. Different mic? Same problem. Wait, the bass is doing it too? Time out. I plug my bass into a separate channel. CLEAR AS DAY!

As it turns out, inputs 1,2,3, & 5 are shot. Crackling, noisey, great. Did I mention this board has a whopping 10 shows on it!? Brand new in late 2014, and rarely used since.

Lovely. So, we have someone looking at it, But I’m afraid we’re in the market for a new sound board.
We made it back last Sunday evening, tired and stressed and ready to go get our dog from my parents. Backed the trailer up to the fence and dropped it without even thinking about it.

There’s still crap in there we need to unload. Ross’ Mesa cab. A tote full of odds and ends we use in the house. But, possibly most important, all of our guitar stands…

The guitar room is in a hilariously sad state, currently. So, I suppose this weekend we will be moving a trailer…


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