So, Thanks and Stuff.

So I just wanted to take a few minutes to type out an official thank you for all of your support! A couple weeks ago the band posted a cover of Out of My Head by Fastball with some lead vocals by the voluptuous Jake Mittlestad, and almost overnight became our highest viewed CouchTunes video! The night it was posted I was traveling back to Washington state and we were all very excited to see how well it was received. It’s always a great for me to see Jake do a little frontman type stuff, and I like to think you all already know that Suz isn’t the only one around here with some pipes! (full disclosure, I’m the only one that can’t sing.) Some slightly less great news would be that I’m inching my way closer and closer to working in Montana and being able to spend less time traveling and more time writing/recording/doing nonsensical things with the rest of the band so as always keep an eye out for that and pretty please, for me, remember to like and share any posts you enjoy!



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