“Kid they’re gonna know your name.”

Part love letter to a high school sweetheart, part a sister’s confession to her kid brothers, all summer anthem, Stories is the first single on Reaction Jacket’s upcoming debut album Aimless. The anthem perfectly encapsulates the story of the band in roughly four minutes; tying it up with a nostalgic-feeling, pop punk-inspired bow. Lead Singer and bassist Suzy Drivdahl reminisces on the formation of the band with her brother, guitarist Jake Mittelstaed and his childhood best friend, drummer Jacob Dietz with the lyrics, “I remember the road trips and the fights, I remember staying out all night and sneaking you around.” While making a nod to her husband, lead guitarist and songwriting partner Ross Drivdahl with lines like  “I’m getting used to your funny looking face and the way your hands fit on my waist.”

Reaction Jacket formed in 2013 and has since grown an allegiant following throughout the midwest, playing everywhere from dive bars and county fairs, to local festivals and clubs in support of touring acts including Blacklist District and Summer Cannibals. The undeniable chemistry of lifelong friends and family combined with the power and vulnerability portrayed in their music quickly endears this foursome to new listeners.

RJ’s debut album Aimless, due for release in early 2020, explores the pain and vulnerability associated with being involved in toxic relationships. Written from mid 2012 through 2017, lyricist and front woman Suz bares it all in nine, deep cutting tracks, coming clean about self sabotage, insecurity, and just how far we’re willing to go for people we know are bad for us; settling on the hopeful message captured perfectly within Stories, “Even if we never leave this town, I’m just happy having you around; watching history goin down.”

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