Bunch of BASTARDS!

We were so happy to be a part of these guys’  2nd annual Bike Show and Benefit for Erin’s Hope Project!

 (a special thanks to Steve for helping us out on vocals)

The BASTARDS Riding Club is an awesome group of people, and we are so thankful to get to “work” with them again. (I mean, its hard to call it work when they are so easy to get along with!) 

Last night was incredible, we can’t wait to do it again, and we want to wish the guys and gals the best of luck with the show in the future! 

Photo: Joy Meland

 It’s always an awesome time when we get to party with our friends in Miles City, and even better to be a part of this growing event! 

For more information about Erin’s Hope Project, please visit: http://www.erinshopeprojectinc.org/

Photo: Shailo Rushing

Photo: Jen Hawkinson

So, Thanks and Stuff.

So I just wanted to take a few minutes to type out an official thank you for all of your support! A couple weeks ago the band posted a cover of Out of My Head by Fastball with some lead vocals by the voluptuous Jake Mittlestad, and almost overnight became our highest viewed CouchTunes video! The night it was posted I was traveling back to Washington state and we were all very excited to see how well it was received. It’s always a great for me to see Jake do a little frontman type stuff, and I like to think you all already know that Suz isn’t the only one around here with some pipes! (full disclosure, I’m the only one that can’t sing.) Some slightly less great news would be that I’m inching my way closer and closer to working in Montana and being able to spend less time traveling and more time writing/recording/doing nonsensical things with the rest of the band so as always keep an eye out for that and pretty please, for me, remember to like and share any posts you enjoy!



Meet The Band: Ross

What he does in the band: Lead guitar, sound man, banker.

Favorite song to cover:  I don’t have a favorite, but there are a few I hate with the burning passion of a thousand suns. 

Useless bit of information: can make almost any words fit almost any melody almost anytime I want to. 

3 songs he’s digging now: Barbarian – The Darkness, Don’t Need You – Bullet for my Valentine, Elastic Heart – Sia


Meet the Band: Suzy

That’s me!

What I do in the band: Vocals, bass guitar, band mommy, & boss lady.
Favorite song to cover: All I Wanna Do – Heart
Useless bit of information: I am genuinely terrified of looking in my bathroom mirrors in the dark… only the bathroom mirrors, though. Other mirrors are apparently fine.
3 songs I’m digging now: Muthafucka – Beware of Darkness, Drive – Halsey, Heavydirtysoul – twenty one pilots

Headed Home

So over the last few weeks I’ve been out railroading in Washington state, as the band has said a bajillion times. This coming weekend starts my travels back and forth for the sake of finishing all of the hard work the guys (and Suz too I reckon) have put into the studio. I’m about as knowledgeable as you guys about what kind of dealings they’ve been up to… but word on the street is they’ve got a bunch of songs all ready for some drums! So keep an eye out in the next few weeks to come, and expect some shiny new songs. I’m sure we’ll squeeze a few covers in but most exciting for me, and hopefully you too, will be the finished recordings of a few originals that I know you’ll like slightly less than me!

View from my 6th floor room of my hotel in Bellevue, WA

Post-Show Woes

A week ago, Ross and I played a short notice gig in Velva ND (like, 8 hours short notice!) We hauled up there, met our good friend John (aka SirFrancisFarted. Look him up.) and pulled off a crazy, stressful, and super fun gig. We met and hung out with the amazing owner of the Lariat Club, and shared stories with the lovely bartender (who’s family happens to be from our neck of the woods!) It was well worth the trip!

(Photo courtesy of SirFrancis himself. “Isn’t it already slippery enough already!?)
Where the “woes” come in…

This summer, a vent was left open in our equipment trailer, the day before a rainstorm. We found it about a week later. Luckily, everything looked fine. Cardboard boxes intact, the packing blankets covering the speakers and subs bone dry. I thought, “man, did we get lucky, take the damn crank off that vent now.” (We did)
We weren’t quite so lucky.
We had learned months ago that one of our main outs on our Yamaha board wasn’t working. Not great, but not the end of the world. Setting up Friday, the monitor outs weren’t working, either. Run the auxiliary out, we’ll deal with it later.

Midway through the first set Saturday, and everything is crackling. Wasn’t doing that Friday, or even Saturday afternoon. Did we blow a speaker? No. It’s the vocals. Different mic? Same problem. Wait, the bass is doing it too? Time out. I plug my bass into a separate channel. CLEAR AS DAY!

As it turns out, inputs 1,2,3, & 5 are shot. Crackling, noisey, great. Did I mention this board has a whopping 10 shows on it!? Brand new in late 2014, and rarely used since.

Lovely. So, we have someone looking at it, But I’m afraid we’re in the market for a new sound board.
We made it back last Sunday evening, tired and stressed and ready to go get our dog from my parents. Backed the trailer up to the fence and dropped it without even thinking about it.

There’s still crap in there we need to unload. Ross’ Mesa cab. A tote full of odds and ends we use in the house. But, possibly most important, all of our guitar stands…

The guitar room is in a hilariously sad state, currently. So, I suppose this weekend we will be moving a trailer…


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Meet The Band: Dietz

What he does in the band:  Pound the drum and make the Africa face

Favorite song to cover:  Grenade – Bruno Mars

Useless bit of information: “I don’t understand how turtles work.”

3 songs he’s digging now: I Don’t Want to Wait – Paula Cole, Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis, Caraphernelia – Pierce The Veil