Meet the Band: Suzy

That's me! What I do in the band: Vocals, bass guitar, band mommy, & boss lady. Favorite song to cover: All I Wanna Do - Heart Useless bit of information: I am genuinely terrified of looking in my bathroom mirrors in the dark... only the bathroom mirrors, though. Other mirrors are apparently fine. 3 songs I'm digging [...]

Post-Show Woes

A week ago, Ross and I played a short notice gig in Velva ND (like, 8 hours short notice!) We hauled up there, met our good friend John (aka SirFrancisFarted. Look him up.) and pulled off a crazy, stressful, and super fun gig. We met and hung out with the amazing owner of the Lariat [...]

Meet The Band: Dietz

What he does in the band:  Pound the drum and make the Africa face Favorite song to cover:  Grenade - Bruno Mars Useless bit of information: "I don't understand how turtles work." 3 songs he's digging now: I Don't Want to Wait - Paula Cole, Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis, Caraphernelia - Pierce The Veil